ADOLF HITLER's Paintings' Decoding with ATHINA's Code

Painter ATHINA' Kotsoni-Synetou with her unique discovery of "ATHINA's Code" managed to decode Adolf Hitler's paintings, who in his juvenile age wanted to become a successful artist. He failed twice at his exams for the Academy of Arts that led him to paint at the streets for 5 marks a piece.

In this painting, he is conciderated an intellegent man, conserned about the world, a man who observed others in every detail (as all painters do).

He seems to try to find out what others really want and what influences them, and then how he could benefit through their faults and needs.

He realizes that people feel little and helpless opposite religious leaders who look down on them with eyes filled with love, arrogance and superiority.

He notices that many pass by but few come in because of love for God. He thought of religion surpassing and envied clergymen for the honour they got and the control on the crowds.


Painting 1

He thought that in order to become a priest had to have true love for God and therefore that meant limitations in life, something he could never have.

He searched for something that would honour him. He wished for his own empire, such as church's. He considerated himself as a handsome man but dislike something else in his family environment (it is supposed that his mother was Jew).

He thought of uniting all the world around his will and feard that 2 world powers would stop his dream from happening, once he would come to power.

He wished to become famous one way or the other.

He showed love for his religion, that's why there was a cross in the swastika as the symbol of his empire. A symbol that meant to show himself advancing at any cost as well as for others a symbol of holy purpose to bring better days for all the world.